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All Type Of Copper Pipeline Work Done Hear PNG Gas & LPG Gas Copper Pipeline Installation & Testing Done Hear.

Features :-

  • Approximately. 4 times less expensive to run than electric heater.
  • No power required, No risk of surprise and power failure
  • Fire failing & temperature safety device
  • Gas & discharge adjustment
  • Stop dry-burning security system, contra – freezing device
  • 20 minutes built in timer
  • Protection devices for stable circulation and irregular pressure
  • Approximately. 500 pails of hot h2o from one LPG cylinder
  • Special O.D.S. Facility
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Immediate service.

  • Often examine the gas supply water hose. when it is broken, ageing or broken, it must be changed.
  • Often examine for water dripping. Try to deal with it soon enough if dripping happens.
  • During use you should pay attention to the fire, seeing if the losing is normal.
  • Often fresh the outer lining area of the heating unit with wet fabric, then use dry fabric to mop it. You may use some fairly neutral soap for the difficult dirt.
  • Check if there is dirt or dirt on the heat exchanger twice a year, and fresh it soon enough.
  • Strong soap, fuel and so on are not appropriate for the cleaning of plastic material, printed area, colour applied area, etc.
  • The key electrodes should be washed only with dry and smooth fabric to ensure the key quality.